Digital Forensics Workshop & Training

My employee deleted all emails and documents from work computer and quit, how can I sue him/her?

On an employee's last day, what should you do to protect company data?

15:30 ~ 16:30    20 Aug 2019 / 19 Sep 2019     Hong Kong

Digital Forensics -Windows, MacOS and Phone

Free Workshop

Explore the secret of Mac OS. 

This is a vendor neutral and tool agnostic training that covers the process of examining a Macintosh computer from the first step to the last step. 

09:00 ~ 18:00   2 - 6 Sep 2019    Hong Kong

SUMURI-Mac Forensics Training

Certification Training

The best first step to be an NAND data recovery expert!

To work through various common scenarios of NAND failures and recovery procedures.

On Demand    Hong Kong

NAND Flash Chip-off Data Recovery

Certification Training

A comprehensive course covering all common hard drive failures’ recovery solutions. It enables participants to acquire practical experience on intermediate to advanced level hard drive data recovery techniques.

On Demand    Hong Kong

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Certification Training

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