Digital Forensic Service

What is digital forensics?

Electronic information today can be important clue or evidence to support crime investigation or litigation.

Digital forensics is the process of utilizing scientifically proven methods to seizure and process potential evidence data found on a digital device (such as computer, laptop, hard drive, mobile phone, memory card etc.), and interpret that data forensically, to let the digital evidence be admitted in court.

Electronic evidence may assist in the prosecution of a criminal, help in the defense of an accused person, or be of intelligence to an individual who is seeking knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

Service Scope
  • Digital Evidence Acquisition & Preservation

  • E-discovery

  • Forensic Data Recovery

  • Password Decryption

  • Forensic analysis

  • System Emulation

  • Data Carving

  • Chats & Instant Messenger Analysis

  • User Artifacts Analysis

  • Timeline Analysis 

  • Document Authentication

  • File Attribution Identification

  • Email Investigation

  • Deleted/Damaged/Encrypted Data Recovery

Who Needs Digital Forensics Service?

When corporate customers find a digital crime suspect or a potential criminal behavior based on digital device, but not sure if it is true, outsourcing a law firm straightaway or entering a formal lawsuit may arouse the suspicious, incur internal chaos, cause intelligence leakage, generate unnecessary costs or lead to other unexpected problems.

Under such occasions, many company managements have expressed their wishes to have a beforehand investigation and discovery before going into any formal procedure or handing it to any legal party, after they detect a potential crime.

However, it is not easy, if not impossible, for them to carry that out internally. As electronic data can be highly volatile, not every organization has relevant talents or tools to well protect the chain-of custody.

To solve this problem, DataExpert provides flexible digital forensic services to help clients find out and properly document electronic evidence for their future action of potential lawsuit. 

Corporate Fraud Digital Investigation
  • Due Diligence

  • Investigation of computer

  • Investigation of mobile device

  • Inappropriate data duplication

  • Intellectual property fraud

  • Breach of contract

  • Inappropriate internet & email usage

Litigation Support

DataExpert possesses professional experience in the examination of digital evidence in order to support civil litigation and criminal litigations. Our experts come from unmatched background - member of HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association) and IACIS (International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists) certified professionals.

DataExpert Digital Forensics Laboratory
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Established in 2010, DataExpert Digital Forensics Laboratory is the first and only private owned full-service digital forensics lab in Hong Kong. It put together all types of cutting edge equipment and software, enables IT experts, investigators and lawyers work together to professionally conduct computer forensics, mobile device forensics and forensic data recovery of information security incidents and crimes.