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Aurora Password Recovery System
Model: Aurora
The Password Recovery System oriented for password recovery and file decryption in network crimes.
Special Features:
Fastest decryption on PGP, MS Office, HASH, WinRAR, Windows Password, WiFi, PDF, TrueCrypt, MySQL, Cellphone backup

In the past few years, network crimes increase at a considerable speed; more criminals now transfer information through the Internet using encrypted passwords and files. This poses a great challenge for network investigators to monitor such criminal events. The Distributed Password Recovery System oriented for password recovery and file decryption in network crimes.

Aurora is an integrated password recovery solution enables users to unprotect disks and systems, decrypt files and documents that are protected with popular encryption software.

Powerful Capability
  • Equipped with 4 pieces of NVIDA high performance video cards; more than 18 TFLOPs of single precision computation
  • Broad support for more than 50 encryption types and 200 algorithms
  • GPU acceleration is available for all supported encryption types, 50 times faster than other software in terms of decryption speed of PGP & Sda.
  • View contents of encrypted Doc/xls documents needless of passwords.
B/S +C/S architecture
Limitless expansibility over the entire country or province
Remote task management by IE browser
Open interfaces (Web Service Technology) available for other systems
Password Dictionary
Advanced decryption rules: exhaustive enumeration of fixed strings or several mixed strings to speed up the task. Intelligent resource management.

Flexible Strategy
Investigators can set several advanced decryption strategies, load multiple tasks and customize role management. 
Fastest Decryption on
Document Hash
- Office 2007-2010 (Word/Excel/Powerpoint)
- RAR 3.x
- Zip
- MD5(32bi/16bit/salt)
- NT Hash (Windows vista/7/2008)
- SHA-1
Whole Drive Encryption/Encrypted Container Database
- TrueCrypt  (.tc)
- PGP Disk
Wireless Network Mobile phone backup file
- WPA/WPA2 - iPhone/iTouch/iPad

Type Encryption Performance (password/sec) Remark
Hash MD5 8,000,000,000  
SHA-1 4,000,000,000  
NTLM Hash 8,600,000,000  
Document Word/Excel 2003 77,000,000  
Powerpoint 2003 110,000,000  
Word/Excel/PPT 2003 <30 minutes content only
Word/Excel/PPT 2007 80,000  
Word/Excel/PPT 2010 40,000  
RAR 3.x-4.x (AES) 37,000 (length 6)
PDF (V9.0 or above) 1,700,000,000  
PDF (V5.0~7.0) 4,700,000  
PDF (V3.0) 92,000,000  
WinZip (ZIP20) 1,000,000,000  
WinZip (AES128/256) 1,200,000  
PGP(Skr) 120,000  
PGP(Zip) 156,000  
PGP(Sda) 1,400,000  
Database MySQL 200,000,000  
Wireless Network WPA/WPA2 240,000  
BlackBerry Backup BlackBerry 80,000,000  
iPhone Backup iPhone 3.x 500,000  
iPhone 4.x 100,000  
(whole drive encryption)
TrueCrypt (WDE) 140,000  
TrueCrypt (partition or .TC file)  140,000  
PGP WDE 1,600,000  
PGP Disk (.PGD) 400,000  


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