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Master Forensics Tower
Model: Master Forensics Tower
Master Forensics Tower is a powerful workstation with cutting-edge parallel forensic technology. It supports all kinds of media write blocking interfaces. Parallel Forensic Duplicator and Forensic Emulator software are built-in.
Special Features:
Parallel Forensic Technology

Investigators can duplicate four source Drives at very high speed (SATA II drives -7GB/min with hash calculation, solid state drive up to 19.5GB/min). It also supports acquiring four source drives to image files at the same time and save much more time. Master Forensics Tower can be seamlessly integrated with EnCase Software. Investigators can parallel analyze four source drives with different policy of analysis with high efficiency, which will speed up digital investigation when there are large amount of drives to be examined.
Parallel Forensic Technology

• The Parallel Forensic Technology makes a leap in promoting the duplication speed, that is, four times faster as regular methods.
• The Parallel Forensic Technology helps MFT achieve a parallel duplication speed up to 7.5GB/min, and SDD speed up to 19.5GB/min. It supports flexible configuration that allows investigators to customize the sources, destinations, and parameter settings in data duplication.


Main Configuration:

  SN   Item   Quantity
1 3 in1 Disk Converter 1
2 2.5-inch -3.5 inch HD Converter Box SNT ST-1111          4
3 Sticker 1
4 Accessory Pack 1
5 IDE Hard Disk Cable (Short) 2
6 IDE Hard Disk Cable (Long) 1
7 SATA Hard Disk Cable + Data Cable (20CM) 2
8 SATA Hard Disk Cable + Data Cable (50CM) 1
9 Card Cover, MSPRO-to-MS 1
10 Card Cover, Mini SD-to-SD 1
11 Card Cover, Micro SD-to-SD 1
12 Hard Disk Power Cable (Short) 2
13 Hard Disk Power Cable (Long) 1
14 Microsoft Wireless mouse and keyboard kit 1
15 Master Forensics Tower Host 1


• Duplication: The speed is more than 9-11GB/min, SDD speed up to 18-20GB/min. Support Hard drive Duplication of Source to Destination combination as “1HD to 1HD”, “1 HD to 2 HD”, “1 HD to 3 HD”, “1 HD to 4 HD”, “2 HD to 2 HD”, “3   HD to 3 HD”, “4 HD to 4 HD”
• Support switch to 8 write-blocker HDD tray
• Analysis: Use “Forensics Analysis Software” to analyze
• Emulation: Support disk with OS win2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7, but not support image emulation

Write-Blocker & Read/Write Ports:

1 x DVD BlueRay Recorder:CD/DVD/BlueDisc RW
1 x Media card reader (R/RW)
1 x Integrated USB Write Blocker
1 x IDE read Blocker (contain 2.5’ notebook hard driver converter)
1 x SCSI read Blocker(Include 68 pin-80 pin converter)
4 x SAS/SATA read Blocker
4 x SATA Read/Write Ports

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