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Mobile Recovery Solution
Model: DE-RG202, DE-BK350S, DE-BK270
A series of tools for drying, chip-off and memory reading of cellphones for the purpose of mobile repair and data recovery
Special Features:
- Mobile dryer with precise temperature to avoid phone damage
- Smartphone chip-off station with savable temperature programs
- Mobile memory reader with fast speed and stable data dump

The mobile repair and data recovery solution is combined with three independent tools:

1. Mobile Dryer (DE-RG202)

Created to facilitate easy and fast disassembly of broken smartphones!
  • Provides a precise temperature to prevent phones from being damaged
  • No temperature variations in internal environment (up, down, left, right)
  • A simple design that offers highly user-friendly operation
  • Protected with door sensor
  • Over-currents and overheating protection
2. Smartphone Rework Station (DE-BK350S)

Chip-off platform with program saving function to standardize work and optimize efficiency!
  • Memory chip removed with zero defect
  • Real-time display of measured upper and lower temperature during operation
  • Provides temperature profiles for Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei mobiles
  • Boards are mounted stable and movable
  • A powerful suction force that can lift up to 120g weight
3. Smartphone Memory Reader (DE-BK270)

Fast speed memory reader for mobile data recovery!
  • Fast read speed
  • Stable operation of data dump
  • Automatic recognition of memory types
  • Operated with memory reader program

  • Extract data and save as BIN file by using the analyzer program

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