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Magnetic Checker Card
Model: Magnetic Checker Card
The Magnetic Checker Card is used for verifying the effect of a degaussing process.
Special Features:
- Simple & convenient Operation
- Clear & accurate result display
- Light & handy form (similar to a credit card's size)

How can we make sure that a magnetic media device, such as a hard drive, has been completely degaussed by a degausser? Checking by a magnetic checker card would be a good method considering rapidness, correctness and ease of operation.

To verify that a degaussing task has been completely and effectively finished, just place a magnetic checker card into the magnetic field chamber together with the target media before conducting the degaussing procedure. After the degaussing process is done, take the card out and check its pattern:


Before being degaussed, due to the card's magnetic nature, the particles in the card organize themselves to a text's shape, which in this picture shows "DATAEXPERT".

After being degaussed, the particles are randomly distributed.

Compared to other verification methods, examination by a magnetic checker card is easy and quick. The whole media is verified at one try and the results are very clear and obvious to see. What's more, it is similar to a credit card's size and weight and is convenient to take to anywhere.

It can be reused just by magnetizing it within seconds with a magnetizer.

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