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Degausser (25X)
Model: DEA-MD25X
The standard compliant degaussers have a patent "Inclined Plane System". Optional managing software can start each erasure by a mouse-click and ease the auditing process.
Special Features:
- Comply with standards
- Safe for human health
- Software audit & report

ADC degaussers completely and permanently erase digital data on all functional or non-functional magnetic medium including PMR/LMR disks and reel/cartridge tapes regardless of their interface types. The magnetic fields all surpass 10,000Oe, and all models are able to degauss high capacity & perpendicular hard drives.

The patent “Inclined Plane System” makes the chamber’s 10,000Oe field's erasing effect equivalent to that of a 2 times greater field (20,000 Oe) parallel to the media surface or a 1.4 times greater field (14,000 Oe) perpendicular to the media.
Supported Media

This degausser series supports all magnetic medium regardless of interface type or functioning status, including:

  • HDD
  • Server HDD with rack mount
  • 9940, 3592
  • AIT, FD
  • etc.
  • Completely erases of all data stored on magnetic medium, data not recoverable anymore
  • Fully enclosed design for safety of human health (detected external magnetic level is lower than 1/10 of that of a mobile phone)
  • Simple operation – one button push and finish!
  • Less than 0.1 second degaussing process and 15~20 seconds fast recharging
  • High magnetic field (surpasses 10,000Oe), able to degauss high capacity & perpendicular hard drives
  • Patent inclined tray which helps increase erasing force to 1.4 times of original based on the same magnetic field density
  • High throughput (2.5" HDD Thoughput: 40 HDD/min, 3.5" HDD Thoughput: 8 HDD/min)
  • Flux density meter: online measurement of flux density during operation
  • Malfunction alarm: LED lights turn on automatically when magnetic flux density is insufficient
  • LED operating indicator lights
  • Overheat protection: the cooling system automatically starts when overheat
  • LCD display of total number of erasures conducted and the magnetic field density used for last erasure
  • Portable design with optional carry case (support onsite service of companies!)
Standard & Compliance
  • NSA
  • US DoD 5220.22M
  • NIST
  • EMC and UL Certificate Standard
  • HK Government Requirements
MFM Test

This degausser series has passed a MFM (Magnetic Force Microscope) testing in Tohoku University in Japan, which approved its full capability of degaussing. The tested media and test result is as below:

Test Unit:                         2.5” Hitachi PMR HDD
Model Number:               HGST-HTS545050B9A300
Estimated Coercivity:     7,000 Oe

(The result showed that the magnetic field of the tested hard drive was reset to a near-zero state)

Chamber Capacity

This DEA-MD25X model’s 131x119x263mm chamber and its special inclined tray allow the equipment to degauss one unit of 3.5” hard drive or 4 units of 2.5” hard drives at one time. It is also spacious to degauss a server HDD with rack mount, which saves the need of dismounting and contributes to operation efficiency.

Software Management

The degausser is matched with a supporting software (optional) for auditing and management purpose. It issues reports of degaussing tasks to help customers carry out filing and regulation activities conveniently.

Degaussing Verification

We provide optional magnetic checker cards for customers to verify the degaussing effect. The use is very simple: just place a magnetic checker card into the magnetic field chamber of the degausser together with the target media, after the degaussing process is done, take out both the media and the checker card, exam the words on the card and you will find:

The change on the card shows a fully achieved degaussing effect.

Demo of Product

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