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Atola Disk Recycler
Model: DEY-DR
High-speed hard drive tester, wiper and repairer that supports SAS, SATA and IDE interfaces. Each single disk works independently without impacting each other.
Special Features:
- Professional testing, wiping and repairing
- Up to 28GB/min (470 MB/s) data transfer speed
- Each port works independently

Typical Use
  • Secure data sanitization
  • Massive/small scale hard drive recycling
Wiping Methods
  • DoD 5220.22-M
  • NIST 800-88
  • Security Erase
  • Fill with pattern
  • S.M.A.R.T. test
  • Checksum calculation
  • Seek test
  • Transfer rate test
  • Surface scan
  • Compare with pattern
Bad Disk Repair
  • By sector remapping
Special Features
  • Professional testing, wiping and repairing for hard drives
  • Supports SAS, SATA and IDE drives
  • Up to 470 MB/s (28 GB/min) data transfer speed
  • Can connect up to 200 units and work on 800 drives simultaneously, controlling by only one software interface
  • Each port works independently without impacting each other, and the user can assign different tasks on every port
  • User-friendly interface with ready-to-use commands and block style status display
  • Additional easy-to-use script editor with help for composing custom scripts
  • Additional script commands include lock/unlock password, HPA/DCO control, custom ATA command etc
  • Generates reports, logs and certificates, and supports printing
  • Physical start/stop button and LED status display on each port
  • Full circuit protection to prevent possible damage from malfunctioning disks
  • Also supports stand-alone operation via a USB drive containing a script

The software clearly displays the current status of each port, and what task is currently being executed on each port.

Generate certi­ficates


Connect up to 200 units (800 drives) for massive recycling – control by only one software interface!

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