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Information & Public Security
Anti-Drone Gear
Model: Anti-Drone Gear
Low altitude drone quick defense system
Special Features:
Anti-drone gear will secure the key airspace, effectively defend low altitude drone flight.

- Sale for export only.
- Sale in the course of import for subsequent re-export.
- Any sale will be conducted only in compliance with the applicable

Unauthorized drone flight are the new challenge for public security. Anti-drone gear will secure the key airspace, effectively defend low altitude drone flight.


o    Fast and efficient processing
o    Counter all remote control frequency band, support frequency band customized
o    Full modular design, easy to use and maintenance
o    “Clip like” power supply, faster for battery replacement
o    Smart unattended charging system, secure and faster
o    Optimized antenna system
o    Internal shielding, no radiation hazards to human
o    Forcing drone return or depletion of electricity to land
o    Lighter and easy to carry, less than 5Kg, one hand operation
o    Equipped with 4.5-18X 40mm front reticle
o    Bushnell professional telescopic sight


Main System
Highly integrated radio frequency with power supply, built-in remote  frequency suppressing link, ensure effective work of device

Customized orientation multi-frequency antenna
Customized antenna, matching with the radio frequency circuit to get the best result

Two types of smart drone battery with built-in balanced circuit, include functions such as protocol communication, battery life detection, battery cycles record, self-discharging protection.

Smart Power Station
Professional smart charging management system, capable of automated charge and battery management for 4 batteries, unattended operation.

Modularity design, device can be disassembled quickly.

Product Applying
o    Government Department 
o    Prison
o    Prohibited Military Zone
o    Airport
o    Important Meeting Events

o    Infrastructure like Nuclear Power Station, Dam

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