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Forensic Tower
Model: Forensic Tower
Forensic Tower, the evolutional computer forensic device, is an intelligent, powerful, easy-to-use digital forensic workstation which enables investigators to start their work after a short term of training or even without trainings. Automatic forensic te
Special Features:
- Parallel Forensic Technology
- Super Compatible
- Digital Analysis
- System Emulation

Forensic Tower is a forensic workstation that provides rich interfaces, concurrent data duplication, parallel analysis and OS emulation, and is compatible with various kinds of forensic software.

Parallel Forensic Technology
  • The PFT makes a leap in promoting duplication speed that can reach up to 27G/min. It supports 4-channel parallel clone or 8-channel parallel analysis to make the investigation 8 times faster.
  • Users can load several hard disks (maximum 8) into Forensic Tower for analysis or keyword search with special optimization by PFT and multi-task management, which make full use of CPU and extremely save time and cost.

Super Compatible
  • All the popular digital forensic software (Forensic Master, EnCase, FTK, etc) can run in Forensic Tower with perfect performance
Digital Analysis
  • System artifacts analysis: access logs of USB device connection and applications, last opened files, recycle bin, etc.
  • Registry key recovery and logs of last modified time
  • Quickly search & locate anti-forensic software and encrypted files
  • Support video framing divisions
  • Live forensic functions enable investigators to gather dynamic information of running computer as system process, IM accounts and passwords, Internet history and logs
  • Customizable strategies
  • Report
  • Emulate the operation system of servers or PCs, provide intuitive environment to investigate malware, database, applications with saved login password, Internet traces etc.
  • Support emulation from hard disks and images
  • Fully automatic dynamic emulation
  • Support the following operating systems: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8, MAC OS X 10.x, Linux (Ubuntu 13.10)
  • Password bypassing for Windows and MAC OS
Intelligent Design
  • 8 built-in write-blockers (4 of them switchable)
  • Support all-sized HDD and HDD ports on panel are hot-plugging with cable-free design
  • Ventilated bays protect hard disks from overheating

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