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Media Duplicators
Demi Hard Drive Duplicator
Model: DEY-XG1020
DEY-XG1020 is a lightweight hard drive duplicator as an all in one solution. It has the ability to copy, erase, clip and test hard drives. It works with any SATA drive or ATA/IDE drive (with an adapter).
Multiple Protocols Acquisition Device
Model: DC-8670
Innovative forensic acquisition tool with 4 multiple protocols channels that enable imaging to reach beyond speed limits of duplications on HDD, SSD and Raid storages.
1:2 High Speed SSD Duplicator
Model: DEY-YG1040
DEY-YG1040 is a super fast SSD duplicator and wiper, which works for HDD as well. It has 3 ports enabling it to perform 1:2 drive duplication, and can reach a maximum speed of 37 GB/min.
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