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Data Recovery & Digital Forensics
Atola Insight Forensic
Model: DEY-AIF
An all-in-one data recovery and forensic acquisition system for professional use. It offers efficient data retrieval functions along with versatile disk utilities.
Master Forensics Tower
Model: Master Forensics Tower
Master Forensics Tower is a powerful workstation with cutting-edge parallel forensic technology. It supports all kinds of media write blocking interfaces. Parallel Forensic Duplicator and Forensic Emulator software are built-in.
Forensic Magicube
Model: MagiQ-2
Forensic MagiCube (MagiQ-2) is an all-in-one solution for scene digital investigations. It provides powerful support for performing hard drive duplication, forensic analysis, and live OS emulation. It also allows remote duplication through networks.
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