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Digital Forensics Service
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Digital Forensics Service
What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is the process of utilizing scientifically proven methods to assemble and process potential evidence data found on a digital device (such as computer, laptop, hard drive, mobile phone, memory card, etc), and interpret that data in order for possible use in court or other theatres of investigation. The electronic evidence may assist in the prosecution of a criminal, help in the defense of an accused person, or be of intelligence to an individual who is seeking knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

Branches of Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics

The goal of computer forensics is to explain the current state of a digital artifact, such as a computer system, storage medium or electronic document. The discipline usually covers computers, embedded systems (digital devices with rudimentary computing power and onboard memory) and static memory (such as USB pen drives). Computer forensics can deal with a broad range of information, from logs (such as internet history) through to the actual files on the drive.

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile device forensics is related to recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device. A mobile device has an inbuilt communication system (eg. GSM) and usually proprietary storage mechanisms. Mobile forensic investigations usually focus on simple data such as call data and communications (SMS/Email) rather than in-depth recovery of deleted data.

Network Forensics

Network forensics is concerned with the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic, both local and WAN/internet, for the purposes of information gathering, evidence collection, or intrusion detection. As network data is often volatile and rarely logged, network forensics is often reactionary.

Forensic Data Analysis

Forensic data analysis examines structured data with the aim to discover and analyze patterns of fraudulent activities resulting from financial crime.

Database Forensics

Database forensics is related to the forensic study of databases and their metadata. The investigations use database contents, log files and in-RAM data to build a timeline or recover relevant information.
When Is Digital Forensics Needed?

Common scenes and investigations of digital forensics include:
  • Employees fraud, disloyal employees
  • Investigation of personal computer
  • Private investigation of cellular phone
  • Inappropriate data duplication
  • Intellectual property fraud
  • Breach of contract
  • Inappropriate internet & email usage
  • etc
DataExpert’s Professional Service

  • Digital forensics consulting service
  • Appropriate response
  • Integrated investigation plan
  • Well managed delivery and collection
  • Location work
  • Professional acquisition and data analysis
  • Investigation report and findings
  • Expert witness in court
  • Other professional services
Benefits of Service

Flexible Services

If a customer finds a digital crime suspect or a potential criminal behavior that is based on digital device, but is not sure whether it is true, outsourcing a law firm straightaway or entering a formal lawsuit that involves digital forensic process quickly may arouse the suspicious, incur internal chaos, cause intelligence leakage, generate unnecessary costs or lead to other unexpected problems.

Many company managements have expressed their wish to have a before-hand investigation and discovery before going into any formal procedure or handing it to any legal party, after they detect a potential crime.

However, it is not easy, if not impossible, for them to carry that out internally as not every organization has relevant talents for these high-tech activities. To solve this problem, DataExpert provides flexible digital forensic services to help clients find out and properly document electronic evidence for their future action of potential lawsuits. Our expert team will discuss with clients case by case and make customized investigation plan and service procedure for each scenario.

Unmatched Forensic Expertise

Our forensic experts and technical engineers have more than ten years’ experience in IT security, data recovery and digital forensic investigation. They have oversea education background and frequently exchange knowledge with foreign professionals. They go to relevant conferences and forums all over the world as far as there are chances to acquire newest industry information.

Our senior computer forensics consultant, Ricky Fan, has a Professional Diploma in Computer Forensics at Hong Kong University of Science Technology. He is a member of High-Tech Crime Investigation Associate (HTCIA) US, and also a full member of Information Security and Forensics Society (ISFS) HK. He collaborates with many forensics and investigation organizations and works closely with Police Force, ICAC and Customs & Excise Department in different countries in Asia Pacific, and was ever invited by HK law enforcements as Data Recovery Service Expertise Standby Witness in court. What’s more, Ricky has been a data recovery trainer for law enforcement since 2009.

Proprietary Tools & Facilities

We utilize our self-possessed world leading digital forensic solutions to implement forensic investigations for clients, such as Atola Data Recovery & Forensic Tool, Parallel Forensic Acquisition Tool, Computer Forensic Magicube, Mobile Master, and different models of high-performance duplicators.

Our class 100 clean room ensures that all cases involving physical handling of hard drives will be conducted in a standard dust free environment, which is essential for the integrity of evidence and media.


Our flexible and professional service will help you achieve every goal you desire and save you the risk of data leakage caused by exposing company intelligence to too many parties. Our expert labor force is appropriately deployed for each investigation task to guarantee not only a 
highest efficiency of work but also a 100% confidentiality of client information.
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